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  1. I hadn’t seen Josh in probably four years before today. We met each other during high school. We didn’t go to the same school, but we were both enrolled in the same off-campus filmmaking program called Education for the Arts. It was a pretty sweet deal, especially senior year: go to your first period class at your regular school, then leave campus for the rest of the day to go downtown and learn about filmmaking. Josh was one class above me, but we would always run into each other since we had a mutual friend and both made use of open lab hours to work on projects.

    Before today, the last time I saw him was in Chicago. I was walking to a class at the Columbia College Film Building on Wabash when I saw him on the corner, smoking a cigarette.

    Me: What the hell are you doing here?

    Not my best hello.

    Josh: I’m going to school here now. For editing.

    He said he liked Columbia, but complained about the cost of tuition and wished that there was more focus on just editing; that all of the gen ed classes seemed worthless. I told him he should drop out and go to a trade school if all he wanted to learn was editing. Or buy books, or watch tutorials. Less costly endeavors.

    That was basically the last time I saw him, until now. Apparently, he took my advice. He dropped out, moved to Los Angeles, enrolled in a trade school, and got editing gigs out here for a few years. Now he’s at the same quarter-life crossroads that I am, just trying to figure out what comes next. But, he’s in a band and living in Los Angeles, so life can’t be all bad, right?

    He tells me about this burger place in Santa Monica, purported to have the best burgers in the LA county area, so we drive there. On the way, he tells me something that strengthens the case for moving out here.

    LA is a great place to be confused.

    Well, count me in. I guess. I don’t know.

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